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Mosaic Kids

The vision for Mosaic Kids is:

// Love God, Love People and Change the World //

We believe that our church has a calling to rise up a generation that will go further in the Kingdom of God then ourselves.

We have a calling to raise a generation that grows up:

1. knowing and living the values of the kingdom.

2. radically believing the word of God.

3. In a culture of discipleship, of living in community

4. A culture where seeing God move supernaturally is normal, where seeing God heal and the Holy Sprit move is an expectation

Some of us, maybe even most of us, had to unlearn lies about some of these things and re-learn the truth. We have a calling as a church to raise a generation who is rooted in the truth from an early age.

Mosaic Kids is every Sunday morning during our 9 AM service. Kids are welcome to worship with their families then head to Kids Ministry after worship.